Magic Golden Dawn System


Personified as the goddess of truth and Justice. We have plenty of subjective truths in this world which is always something to remember. If you believe something to be true, the belief is a powerful active force shaping your reality even when wrong. If wrong it could possibly be devastating and or sometimes very revealing. Trying to communicate your truth in someone else's language can be difficult. You have to find a way to bridge the gap in communication and agree to certain definitions that allow truth to match between each other.

Your Self can initiate yourself into Maat. Never forget that these traditional organizations have a bit of scorn for self-initiation when its easily forgotten that the pioneers of religious systems of attainment were largely self-initiated as well. Does it have to be Maat. No and definitely not. In this instance however the sybolism of Maat and the conecpt of truth. Who can truly measure the will or nature of another?

Maat worded translation was more than truth, it was also justice, order, honesty. Maat was an abstract concept that could have multiple meanings at the time of ancient Egyptians. An ancient Egyptian could refer many meanings for maat that would correspond to every aspect of life, including, up, down good and bad. The feather of breath and and life given flow of flight. Sometimes balance, a measure or a rule as often depicted by the symbolism of Maat besides the obvious feather.

I scoured the internet for anything relating to Maat. I collected plenty of images and printed them out for my goal of connecting. I also had a medallion of Maat hand crafted in Greece. I also spent time drawing Maat as an exercise to connect.

Twenty five minutes a day in meditation to connect. My dreams were filled with Maat. Not at first but over time. Perhaps your higher-self is Maat. Sure okay. But you have to rely on faith and eliminate doubt.

Take the time to open your mind. See what is not there. Imagine and let the dreams fly.

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