Magic Golden Dawn System

Theoricus Grade

Initation into the air grade of yesod and the 32nd Path of Tau. In this journey the candiate will be confronted by four Kerubim and two Angels.

All either have a wand execpt Shor who carries Crook and Scourge. Each carry an item of correspondence. Such as Air-fan, red/lamp-fire, Cup-water, and Platter of Salt-earth.

The element of air and the planet of Luna. Yes, I know its a moon.

For this journey GD Edition 7 would not work for me. It simply was not enough and neither was Self-Initation into the Golden Dawn Tradition by Cicero's.

I spent quality time re-reading the following:

I spent time going back and forth between the self-initation journal and GD 7th edition. I also spent additional time in perparation for the new symbols.


New sybmbols will be added to the mix such as the 21st Tarot Tump "The Universe", and a flaming sword diagram. The pillars are also moved towards the east of the Altar. Three additional cards are added in Hebrew, Shin, Tau, and Qoph. Two Enochian tablets are visible, Earth in the North and Air in the East. Also a large pentagram is located in the East behind the Hierophant. A fan is made as well.

The second half of the ritual additional Hebrew letters are needed, Resh, Samekh, and Tzaddi. A Qamea seal and sigil of Luna is added. I Each grade requires a badge, this degree will be a Caduceus, Cup of water and an additional Red lamp.


The openening of each grade is mostly the same, 'Hekas statements, Banishings, Assumption of Godforms as a guide, an invokation will take place before the tablet.

Finally with the Greek Cubical Cross you will make a spritual trip. Meditation in the Garden of Pomegranits will be helpful as a meditation and reflection. Once one thing to communicate this to yourself. This will all be solidified with 32nd Path of Tau audio files. You can download them online for a nominal fee on Cicero's website.

Temple Room Setup

As I mentioned in previous section I was on a limited budget and very portable. This was the perparation required.

fan cubric sword air altarEast

Ritual Experience

To prevent strain in my neck. I bought a head lamp and used the red lense for the light. This made the process much easier for passages not memorized. Air conditioning was pushed to the highest setting. Incense gave me allergies next time I will swap them out for a differnt brand or type.

Knowing what to expect made things easeir to power through it and focus on imagination, intonation. For what is known as the air head grade. It was a rather pleasant experience.

Personally I think the candidate should really spend time with "The guided visualization into the path of tau" then a guided visualization into yesod. Again this is found in the Garden of Pomegranates. You can also find an audio download so that you can prepare a meditative pathworking.

If I was to do this again I would record in audio the section of Part2: Entry into Yesod that way I can really focus on the visualization and additional symbology in the temple space as well as the channels of energy that is present at the time.


I feel lecture during cakes and ale is best for solitary practitioner. As well as starting the meditation for path working.

The lecture is to help solidify the gradework experience.

Extending the Knowledge of Astrology. This digs deeper into astrology, erecting a Natal Chart, Literal Time of Birth, and other Alternate Methods. This is an opportunity for you to do this by hand instead of relying on other internet related resources. Interpretation of a Horoscope can be challenging at best.

Extending the Knowledge in Achemy. Just when I thought I was complete with Alchemy. Symbols would need to be memorized. for examination

Spirit work and soul study. A further extension of correspondences, planets, herbs, deities.

Admission badges, diagrams and symbols in the grade.

Additional goals to achieve in this grade are as follows:


The examinations invovle study and memory of the lecture.

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