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Full immersion

As I previously explained on the main page. I went full immersion. I wanted to bring with me the masonic knowledge I had acquired over the years and apply it to My self-initiation experience in the Golden Dawn Tradition.

To others this might seem silly If I already have a background with Crowley, Fortune, and Grimoire stuff. Or anything that Stephen Skinner wrote. Solomonic or PGM. So why Golden Dawn?

Too many things missing? It seems you have to fight for every scrap of knowledge? I also wanted this karmic cleansing. This auric conditioning. I wanted to reawaken this dead egregore. You don't have to go through the elemental grades as Regardie mentioned somewhere . I just felt this was wrong. The description of passport was very distinct in my readings including the reading of other authors on Golden Dawn. You earn each grade and an auric change occurs.

Well as I will describe later. So many changes occur within ones bio-temple on each grade I will have the pleasure of sharing that with you soon.

The Beginning

I begin this journey 3 years ago. Like I mentioned previously I woke up and everything was wrong. It is NOT the life I want to be living. I'm on a Sail Boat. Well I have been on the sail boat for 7 years now. A strange sense of stability in a chaotic life. But now nature is different. The ebb and flow of tides don't even make sense.

It's filthy and dirty and ever changing. Constant disrepair, constant movement. There is a hum in the air. Its like thick or just heavy static electricity or something. I feel the pop of everything as I turn and gaze. I'm gazing now. I"m not even looking at things correctly. Obviously what I see I think I know and yet i'm gazing at it or whatever I look at. This is the time to start new.

I need 4 books one I already have an electronic version of 6th edition but now I want the hard copy

I'm able to get all of these on Kindle and I purchase the actual books also.

You can only do so much with Kindle. Believe me when I say I love my kindle. Nothing looking having a bunch of books at my disposal and quickly. But I long for actual books. I crave them. The smell and the feel of paper.

I quickly dive into the 6th edition and remember why I left the Golden Dawn for good. What was I thinking. It brought back the memory of those books when they were written in 4 parts. It also brought back memories of Crowley and why i migrated and followed in his footsteps. At least he wasn't dry and ever so poetic. Bat shit crazy to say the least. No I'm here to stay. The Golden Oldies is where I belong.

My seventh edition arrives from Amazon the very next day and I'm already deeply in love. This is it. If nothing else I need to fix that disturbance in the force. Or clearly a disturbance in me. It was clearly evident.

I had started a journal 4 years ago. Previous to that I kind of lost everything but never missed one day of journaling. Did I know ahead of time I would embark in this journey. Probably... If you are not frustrated as hell you are not growing. I think that was a Crowley quote. Oh how I hate that magician. Wait let's just keep him in the category of poet. We shouldn't feel bad anymore.

So basically you need to memorize each grade. Oh no problem what a joke. They don't even have a cipher. Ha ha this will be easy. Memory is my thing. Let me channel Frances Yates or Giordano Bruno this is going to be a cake walk.

But first I must read every word from page 1 to page 873. Follow the instructions that way you are prepared for the problems when they come up and bite you in the ass.

It took me two months to read the blasted book and while I was truly excited I was also very troubled. This was not going to be easy by any means. The old masters threw everything in there including the kitchen sink and stuff from the pantry. It's like they were preparing for WW2. I suppose they were. If Hebrew is not enough lets throw in a conlang language like Enochian.

I did say I needed some cleansing so I might as well do some Angel work. I had already been studying angels previously for whatever reason. Plenty of times I thought to chuck it all away and take the Abramelin path.

Angel work will bite you. How do you know you are not talking to a fallen angel? In any case the work progressed further. The syllabus for this work needed to change and a guide would have been nice. Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition by Cicero would become my manual as I proceeded further. Understanding the concept of adopting a godform is critical for this work. This manual alone was not sufficient and would required three other books. Z-5, Godforms of the Golden Dawn Tradition by Zalewski and Magical Imagination by Nick Farrell.

You have to completely through yourself into the work. So I will break it down as follows:

The Traditional grades

Sure it goes higher, Adeptus Major, Adeptus Exemptus, Magister Templi, Magus, and Ipsissimus

None of which I care to discuss at this particular moment. I'm mostly interested conveying my experience in the elemental grades.

Please visit grades

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